5 Things To Expect From a Commercial Cleaning Company


Professional cleaners bring something extra to the table that you usually don’t enjoy when you do things on your own. Even if you hire an experienced and reliable full-time janitor, for example, there will still be limitations to what they can do, mainly because they depend on the cleaning tools and equipment you provide.

However, there’s more to enjoy when you hire a cleaning service in Denver. Moreover, you get a lot of value for the cost of their services. Here are five things you can expect when you hire a commercial cleaning company to clean your offices or business premises.


1. Sanitized and Disinfected Work Areas

A commercial cleaning company is equipped to perform specialized services like carpet cleaning and exterior glass window cleaning. However, more than cleaning surfaces, they also specialize in building-wide disinfection and sanitization. 

Commercial cleaning companies use vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters and hospital-grade disinfectants to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. They strive to meet even the healthcare industry’s standards for disinfection and sanitization. With the right equipment and ample training, commercial cleaning crews can easily do a better and more thorough job of cleaning your workplace than your staff or minimally-equipped and trained custodians.


2. Increase in Work Productivity

A commercial cleaning service helps boost productivity in two ways.

First, they give you or your office staff more time to manage your business and other responsibilities. You can focus on other important things that impact your day-to-day operations and production. Consider this: if you spend 30 minutes a day sweeping floors and tidying up the office, that’s 2.5 hours per week that you can spend checking on inventory or having meetings with your team, customers, or business partners.

Second, having a clean and sanitized workspace lowers the risk of employees getting sick. Diseases-causing viruses and bacteria spread fast in enclosed spaces like offices and air-conditioned business establishments. In industrial, manufacturing, and medical industries, there is also a high risk of exposure to potentially harmful substances, not to mention safety risks when the surroundings are unclean and messy. 

A commercial cleaning company can be a valuable partner in addressing seemingly trivial issues that affect production speed, work quality, morale, and other factors that impact your overall business performance.


3. Clean and Professional Looking Environment

A clean office, store, or establishment commands respect and fosters customer trust. Businesses with clean premises appear more professional and reliable than establishments with unkempt, unhygienic surroundings. Sometimes, however, sweeping and dusting isn’t enough, and you need professional cleaning to make your premises look and smell clean.


4. Improve Employee Retention

Just as presentation and cleanliness encourage customers to patronize a business, a clean workplace is also crucial for employee retention. No one wants to work in a smelly, messy, dusty, and uncomfortable place all day. On-site workers stay in offices or facilities for eight to nine hours, so it’s crucial to ensure their comfort and well-being while on the premises. Regular cleaning from commercial cleaning professionals is an effective way to keep the workplace clean and conducive to working.


5. Long-Term Cost Savings

Hiring a commercial cleaning company costs money, but it is more practical to pay for their services than to buy cleaning equipment and hire trained janitors or technicians who know how to use them. 

Cleaning companies invest in tools and equipment that are impractical for a regular office to buy, like a pressure washer and industrial vacuum cleaner. They also have access to hospital-grade cleaning products that may not be available in supermarkets. More importantly, they undergo training to use cleaning equipment and products safely and effectively. 

Paying for specialized cleaning services a few times a year instead of buying the necessary cleaning products and equipment will let you save money in the long run. 


Maintain a Clean Workplace and Business With Help From the Professionals

Clean surroundings help office employees to focus and be in good mental and physical condition to work efficiently. Similarly, a spotless establishment impresses customers and encourages them to return. Spending for a commercial cleaning service, therefore, pays off in improved productivity, sales performance, and brand reputation. 

There’s no need to look further for a thorough commercial cleaning service in Denver. The Professionals Cleaning Services is the leading janitorial and sanitation solutions provider in Denver and surrounding areas. For over a decade, we have consistently offered office cleaning services that exceed expectations. With us, you can always expect an impeccable clean through detailed dusting and thorough disinfecting of all touchable surfaces.

Contact us today and let The Professionals handle your cleaning needs.


  • Traci McKay

    Traci McKay is the founder of The Professionals Cleaning Service. She has been in the industry for more than 20 years and is devoted to providing exceptional and reliable commercial cleaning services for businesses across Denver.

Traci McKay

Traci McKay is the founder of The Professionals Cleaning Service. She has been in the industry for more than 20 years and is devoted to providing exceptional and reliable commercial cleaning services for businesses across Denver.