Professional Cleaning Company in Littleton

If you need professional cleaning services in Littleton, you’ve come to the right place. The Professionals was founded on the belief that every business deserves quality services provided by honest and hardworking people. Whether you own a small daycare or you’re responsible for overseeing a massive manufacturing facility, you and your team need a safe and healthy environment in which to work. And by leaving the sanitizing and decluttering to us, you can free yourself up to focus on what you do best. 


At The Professionals, we truly care about our clients, and we want to provide them with the sparkling clean spaces they need to thrive. We also care about the planet, which is why we use eco-friendly cleaning products and sustainable technologies whenever possible. If you’re looking for “green” cleaning services in Littleton, look no further because we’ve got you covered.

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Commercial Cleaning in Littleton

Our offerings are totally customizable because every business we serve has unique needs. Regardless of your specific situation, though, you can be sure we’ll always exceed your expectations. Read on to learn more about the kinds of companies we cater to.

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Daycare and Preschool Cleaning Services

We get it: Kids can be messy. They can also spread germs, increasing the likelihood of the whole class getting sick. When we clean daycares and preschools, we use hospital-grade disinfectants to ensure everyone has a healthy environment for both learning and playing.

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Spa, Salon, and Tattoo Studio Cleaning Services

Facilities that provide personal services like spas, salons, and tattoo studios must have incredibly high standards when it comes to cleanliness. Thankfully, we can meet them. If you’ve been looking for commercial cleaning companies in Littleton that can keep your salon or studio spotless, turn to The Professionals.


Office Commercial Cleaning

Clutter and bacteria tend to accumulate fairly fast in the average office. Furthermore, the garbage cans fill up quickly because everyone brings packaged food from home. Finally, the constant foot traffic tracks in a lot of dirt. Our office cleaning services in Littleton include disinfecting, dusting, and scrubbing, so every surface is left spotless when we’re done.

Commercial Kitchen

Other Commercial Cleaning Services

The average apartment complex has quite a few high-traffic common areas that demand continuous cleaning. We’re equipped to maintain lobbies, stairwells, hallways, and fitness centers. We want to ensure residents can always enjoy safe and clean amenities.

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Apartment Complex Cleaning

We offer professional cleaning services in Littleton for companies of all kinds. So even if you don’t operate a daycare, salon, tattoo studio, or office, we can help. Simply reach out to discuss your commercial cleaning needs, and we’ll devise a schedule that works for you and your team!

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Additional Cleaning Services

We primarily help clients maintain a safe and healthy working environment from day to day. That means we always tackle the essentials when we visit, like mopping floors, disinfecting work surfaces, and taking out the trash. We also offer additional deep cleaning services as needed. Examples include carpet shampooing and window washing.

Choosing The Professionals for Cleaning in Littleton

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If you need cleaning services in Littleton and decide to turn to The Professionals, you can have peace of mind knowing you’ll be in good hands. As a proud family-owned business, we’ve earned a reputation for being consistent and reliable. Clients know they can trust us to get the job done well because we have rigorous quality control standards. 


They can also trust that we operate with integrity and strive to maintain a sustainable business model that’s good for everyone. For example, we pay our team a fair wage so they’re inclined to stay on board. In addition to supporting the local economy, this allows us to provide a better service for our clients because it limits turnover. 


We also aim to protect the planet while we work. We do this by using eco-friendly products and techniques. Let us help you reduce your company’s carbon footprint without sacrificing cleanliness.

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How to Maintain a Clean and Healthy Commercial Space

If you turn to us for professional cleaning services in Littleton, we’ll be happy to do the heavy lifting. There are a few ways you can support our efforts, though, to ensure your workspace stays clean between visits. Here are some of the most effective practices that we invite you to try:

  • Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule that you rarely deviate from 
  • Training employees on the proper storage of their belongings to prevent tripping hazards and clutter
  • Placing trash cans and recycling bins around the facility 
  • Devising a pest control plan and taking action at the first sign of a problem 
  • Ventilating high-traffic areas to improve air quality 
  • Setting up hand sanitizing stations and encouraging employees to use them

Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Cleaning in Littleton


Our Testimonials

Deanna Semanchik
Deanna Semanchik
12 May 2023
We had The Professional Cleaning Services help us to do a complete refresh of a HUGE office space - over 13,000 sq ft - from the literal top to the bottom. The office space has something like 30' ceilings and the level of attention to detail that they paid to even the little things, like dusting the tops of the hanging lights and the vents blew me away! Traci and Zach are lovely to work with and their team was friendly, punctual, and so focused on ensuring that they did the most thorough job imagined. I couldn't recommend them enough!
Amanda Malcomb
Amanda Malcomb
11 May 2023
Very dependable service. Not only do their services meet and go beyond our expectations, their customer service and communication is just as great. I highly recommend The Professionals Cleaning team to all.
Ariel Valle
Ariel Valle
19 May 2022
Good service and amazing people to work with, super understanding and communication is great!
Kinsey Scholl
Kinsey Scholl
10 November 2021
We have used "The Professionals" for almost a full year now. Their cleaning service is superb and they are always very responsive to our special requests. They are flexible and thorough-- true pros!
Dea Webb
Dea Webb
28 October 2021
The Professionals do a fantastic job of cleaning our recording studio, they are very careful around expensive equipment and we never have to worry about anything getting broken.
Brian Patty
Brian Patty
9 March 2020
Zach and his crew clean Vertical Arts' space on E Colfax and do a great job!