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The Professionals offer commercial cleaning services in Denver and surrounding areas.  Take your organization to the next level of clean by adding, The Professionals Cleaning Service.

Denver's Leader in Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Services

Julia Carlson
The Professionals have been extremely responsive in regards to the COVID-19 crisis. Their extra deep clean services have made us feel safer and we appreciate their hard work to keep our office clean and safe! — Starry Internet
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About Us

The Professionals Cleaning Company

In Denver, The Professionals have been a leader in the Cleaning Industry for over a decade.  Exhibiting the true power of entrepreneurship, the business found its footing in the trunk of a vehicle, with a few pieces of equipment, and an obsessive work ethic.  The Vision, held up by two hands and two feet,  executed one job after the next.  Word began to spread, referrals and reviews lifted The Professionals to new heights and a leader was born.  Today, we’re serving up some of the cleanliest spots in Denver.  It’s a true honor to serve and work with some of countries leading innovative and progressive companies.  We love this town and will continue to work in our community with diligence, integrity, and execution.

About Us

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The Professionals is proud to be a locally owned and operated business.  We pay our crew members a fair wage unlike many others in the industry.  A happy crew means low turn over rate and consistent cleans.

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