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Commercial Cleaning

Experience a cleaner workspace for your commercial facility from The Professionals Cleaning Service. Serving the Denver metro area, we strive to provide you with the cleaning services your business needs. We offer cleaning services for offices, industrial, manufacturing, salons, studios, and schools. Learn more about our services below.


Office Cleaning In Denver

Typical workspaces, breakrooms, and restrooms can become cluttered and dirty quickly in an office. Left unattended, an unclean office is a distraction for employees and leaves an undesired impression on guests. The dedicated team at the Professionals Cleaning Service is here to help clean your office. We ensure the floors, windows, and surfaces are impeccably clean.

Denver Industrial Cleaning Service

Industrial buildings, manufacturing plants, and warehouses are susceptible to an unclean environment. The square footage and the foot traffic industrial facilities experience require consistent cleaning. The Professionals Cleaning Service is here to provide a high standard of cleaning services for your commercial facility. We offer floor scrubbing, stripping, waxing, window cleaning, trash removal, and disinfecting services for bathrooms and breakrooms.


Studio And Salon
Cleaning Service

In a busy salon, workbenches, floors, and styling chairs can become dirty in no time. Salon patrons prefer their experience to be as clean as possible. Tattoo studios share a similar need to have a clean work environment for their employees and customers. Employees also need a decluttered workspace to freely color and style hair. We ensure the disinfection of touchable surfaces and tattoo studio tools to help prevent the spread of germs. At Professionals Cleaning Service, we emphasize details when it comes to cleaning. We disinfect your tool trunks, styling chairs, and touchable surfaces.

Cleaning Services

Educational facilities like pre-schools, colleges, and universities have unique challenges and needs. They typically have a consistent amount of employees and students in those buildings, which causes opportunities for an unclean environment. At Professionals Cleaning Service, our experienced cleaning staff will provide a thorough cleaning service for your educational facility. Common areas we clean include:

  • Restrooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Classrooms
  • Teacher Break Rooms
  • Floors and Windows

Healthcare Facilities

The Professionals have years of experience and professionalized training in providing cleaning services for healthcare facilities. The Professionals offer high-quality, eco-friendly healthcare cleaning services to various types of health care facilities. Dental offices, medical offices, urgent cares, acute care facilities, and hospitals are just a few of the types of healthcare facilities we service. Each facility technician on our Health Care Division team must complete certification trainings pertinent to healthcare such as OSHA, JCAHO, Bloodborne Pathogens, and Hospital-Grade Cleaning & Disinfecting. The Professionals takes the stress out of cleaning so medical staff can focus on patient-centered care.

Education Facilities

The Professionals offer recurring cleaning services and pre/post event clean up services to all education institutions. Floor care, restrooms, locker rooms, high-reaching dusting are just a few of the details we can care for in education facilities. A healthy clean environment allows more time for students and faculty to focus on a quality education. Whether it is cleaning a single preschool or an entire school district, The Professionals has efficient processes and staff to service any education building.

Commercial Kitchen

Restaurants and Bars

After the kitchen closes, The Professionals Restaurant Cleaning Division shows up to work. Restaurant cleaning technicians are trained to efficiently clean commercial kitchen floors, front of house flooring, restrooms, patios, and any other space in a restaurant or bar. Cleaning and maintenance in a restaurant or bar should be a top priority. A top-notch cleaning service improves each customer experience and overall ratings.

Residential Buildings

First impressions are the opinions people make upon a first encounter. The lobby and common areas of a residential building are the first areas a future or current residents sees when entering a residential building. A constantly reliable recurring cleaning service to keep all common areas of residential buildings in top shape will keep residential buildings looking flawless for all of those first impressions. Laundry room, patios, elevators, main entrances, hallways, and stairways are some of the common areas The Professionals cleans in a residential building.


Event Clean Up

If the event makes a mess, The Professionals can clean it up. Corporate Events, Grand Openings, Outdoor Festivities, and Religious Events are some of the types of events we have helped with. The Professionals event clean up crew shows up discretely in professional attire to cleanup pre, post, or during the event. The Professionals can even provide professional restroom attendants for your special event.

How We Can Help

When searching for cleaning services, look no further than The Professionals Cleaning Service in Denver, Colorado. Serving Denver-Metro, we have the capability and range to provide you with an impeccable cleaning experience. We are here to help you! Start by filling out the form with the details of your facility on our contact us page. Our team will reach out to you within 24 hours. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (720) 213-8662.

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