Green Cleaning Products

What are green cleaning products?

The Professionals Cleaning Service has been modeling sustainability by offering green cleaning solutions since the start of our business. Green cleaning solutions are naturally-derived, non-toxic, and biodegradable. We only use products registered on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) certified safer cleaning list. Companies must submit their green cleaning solutions to the EPA for rigorous testing to be registered on the safer cleaning list. The EPA also tests products to ensure not only safety but quality. Solutions on the disinfectant list are tested for efficacy.

Why use green cleaning products?

Using green cleaning products enhances the environment, health, and overall quality of life for people. Using a cleaning solution that is not only safe for people in your work space but guaranteed to disinfect up to 99% of common viruses, including COVID-19, keeps everyone healthy and increases productivity in the workplace. According to the EPA, toxic cleaning materials can cause undesired side effects such as headaches which ultimately decrease a person’s productivity and negatively impacts their health. The Professionals Cleaning Service provides cleaning services to commercial spaces like pilates studios, yoga studios, preschools, facilities that provide services for pregnant women, and facilities that provide health services to the general population. It is important that all surfaces in these types of facilities are disinfected and safe to touch for all staff and clients. The Professionals Cleaning Service will continue to choose sustainability by offering environmentally responsible cleaning solutions to commercial spaces. Are green cleaning products strong enough to clean a commercial property with high foot traffic? Absolutely! The Professionals does extensive research and trials to ensure we are using only the best cleaning solutions for our clients. Many common plant derived products, such as citrus, act as tough degreasers and disinfectants. Is Green Cleaning cost effective? Yes! Not only are green cleaning products strong enough for any job we do, they are cost effective. Using a green cleaning company will not raise your bill. The Professionals also use other sustainable and cost effective practices. We clean with reusable microfiber cloths made out of recyclable materials. Our highly efficient vacuums operate with HEPA filters which enhances air quality.