About Us

A family owned small business, with a tradition of excellence.

The Difference is Ownership

Leading always starts at the top.  Leaders create thought, understand direction, and spur into action.  The Professionals lead by example.  We show our team how it’s done within our 5 step formula.  We have created a culture of learning and executing directives.  Our process of teaching, the details,  will translate our crew into the next phase of their own life’s work.  

"When you learn to love the process, you understand there is no destination, it’s a journey of becoming more efficient." — Zach McKay

Impeccably clean is a given with The Professionals, but our service is where we truly shine. It’s about the details.  It’s about repetition, learning, and executing a process.  It’s about doing things, all things, a certain way.  Our way, creates a certainty our clients they can rely on.

Creating a Tradition of Excellence

Entrepreneurial from the start, the business found its footing in the trunk of a vehicle, with a few pieces of equipment, and an obsessive work ethic.  The vision, held up by two hands and two feet,  executed one job after the next.  Word began to spread, referrals and reviews lifted The Professionals to new heights and a leader was born.  Today, we’re serving some of the cleanliest spots in Denver.

— We believe —

There are no big things in life, there are only details.  Details stacked upon details create monuments of success.

Our Team 

Our team see's themselves as part of a cleaning tradition and takes pride in their work.

We take care of our team

•  We pay our crew members, very well.  

•  We want our stamp on every job we execute.  

•  We want our staff to know the magic is in the details.  

•  We have never asked a team member to do something we have not already done. 

•  We train our staff to attend to the details today, so tomorrow sees growth in all of us.

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The Professionals is proud to be a locally owned and operated business.  We pay our crew members a fair wage unlike many others in the industry.  A happy crew means low turn over rate and consistent cleans.

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